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Canada has seen a dramatic increase in business immigration in recent years. There are many options for entrepreneurs to immigrate to Canada if they are considering this country as a place to do business. In this article, we will share information about immigration to Canada through business and how to obtain Canadian citizenship through investment.

This article will help citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Poland, Estonia, Moldova, Armenia and other countries.

Business immigration options to Canada for permanent residency
Below are the business immigration programs used by business owners and entrepreneurs from other countries. Under each program, applicants can bring family members with them, and obtain permanent residency (permanent residence in Canada) as well as Canadian citizenship.

Intra-corporate transfer (ICT) - this program is ideal for entrepreneurs who already have a business and want to expand their business in Canada. The ICT program allows you to relocate your company or your team members to Canada. Citizens of other countries will receive a work permit and can apply for permanent residency after 1 year of working in Canada.

Entrepreneur Work Permit - This business immigration option is suitable for wealthy people, experienced entrepreneurs and investors from other countries. This option will allow you to immigrate through the purchase of a business or investment in an existing business. Entrepreneurs who receive this work permit have the opportunity to move to Canada permanently after one and two years of running their business in Canada. It is important to note that this option is only available through Provincial Nominee Programs.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) - Canadian provinces also offer foreign entrepreneurs good opportunities to invest, work and live permanently in one of the Canadian provinces. There are different programs, but the most popular among foreign businessmen are the Ontario Entrepreneur Stream PNP and the Alberta PNP.

Owner Operator LMIA Program - this program has historically been very popular with entrepreneurs and investors from many countries. The essence of the program is that a foreign owner or founder of a business in Canada has an opportunity to obtain a special work permit in his company if he is actively involved in the operational management of the company. There are quite strict and clear requirements for applying for this type of visa, so you should very intelligently approach this issue in advance.

Business Immigration
Business immigration is one of the most successful areas of immigration to Canada.
There are several business immigration pathways whose main goal is to encourage the inflow of talented people to Canada, whose efforts, knowledge and talents will help create jobs and benefit both them and the government.

Statistics show that about 60,000 new businesses are registered every year in Ontario alone. Most of them are small businesses (one to four employees), but it is small businesses that make up three-quarters of all businesses in Canada. And that's easy to explain. It is this scale of business that requires little investment and is very adaptable and efficient in today's Canadian economy.

Among the many areas of business immigration, there are several of the most productive:

Running your own / Buying an existing business

This option will help you transfer your existing business to Canada or purchase a functioning business in Canada, which will enable you to obtain a work permit and subsequently, a residency permit for your entire family.

Attention! This program has no investment criteria. The candidate receives the work visa based on the business plan and documents package. After working in Canada for a year, you can start the immigration process.

Quebec Business Immigration

Candidate requirements:
  • At least 2 years experience in managing a business/organization of any level;
  • Assets of C$2,000,000
  • Invest CA$1,200,000 in the provincial economy for 5 years without interest.

Start-up Visa Program (federal)

Eligibility requirements: Unique business idea in science, technology, manufacturing or services. Canadian investors are interested and receive investments from venture capital funds or investment funds. You can bring a team of up to five like-minded people with you.

Self-Employed Program (federal)

Private entrepreneurs are the most dynamic group in the Canadian economy. Therefore, business immigration programs aimed at attracting members of this group are relevant to many. This group includes professional athletes, actors, artists and other creative people.

To meet the criteria for business immigration to Canada under this program, candidates must have at least 2 years of experience in their field, and must also meet the other criteria of experience, age, proficiency in the state languages is optional, but desirable, and medical requirements.

Provincial programs for entrepreneurs

The Business Immigration Programs in Canada operate through a provincial selection system (Express Entry). One of the main requirements for candidates is to play an active role in the management of a new or existing (acquired) business.

In some provinces, the application process for permanent residency has been greatly shortened. This is due to the growing interest of the Canadian government in the development of certain regions.

One of the most important documents when applying for investment programs is a detailed business development plan which includes the investor's role in managing/operating the business. In this regard, special emphasis should be placed on the adaptability of the company to the Canadian market, taking into account local specifics.

In many cases, provinces require a security deposit of between $75,000 and $600,000 Canadian dollars, which can be paid back upon opening the business. Medical and criminal background checks are also essential requirements for applicants.

If you are a businessman or senior manager looking to immigrate to Canada, this program is the best option for you.

Business immigration is aimed at attracting people with experience in running companies and small businesses to Canada, which will boost the provincial economies and create new jobs.

Many Canadian provinces have their own targeted Business Immigration programs through specialized provincial nomination programs. These programs take into consideration the peculiarities of the economy, business and labour market of these provinces and create requirements for entrepreneurs and investors. This explains why eligibility requirements and program conditions vary not only among provinces as a whole but also among their individual regions.
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