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Working in Canada is the most frequently asked question for students and immigrants alike. Any resident of Canada, whether born here or having emigrated from another country, will tell you how difficult it is to find a job in Canada. And most importantly, a student's first job. The Canadian government spends huge amounts of money to help newcomers find jobs and provides career services. There are free special courses, an electronic search engine, and expert advice. But none of this guarantees a fast job offer.

You should be prepared for these types of questions to come your way.

If a Canadian employer is considering hiring a foreign worker, in most cases they will need to obtain a special document authorizing the foreign worker's participation in the job. This document is called a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). However, in some cases, an employer may be able to avoid the LMIA, and the foreign worker they want to hire will receive a Canadian Work Permit without the LMIA requirement.

Medical Exam
You will need to pass a medical examination. A medical examination is required to apply for or renew a work permit. You must first obtain a referral from the Canadian Embassy and take the test within a certain period of time. The results are valid for 1 year and once received, they are sent to the Canadian Medical Immigration Centre, where the results are checked for three months. The final report is sent to the Embassy.

Work Permit Application
You will need to apply for a work permit in Canada. The document issued to you called the Letter of Approval is not a work permit, it is only the basis for obtaining one. The Work Permit is issued to you by the Immigration Officer at the border post when you enter Canada with your Letter of Approval and passport. It is the immigration officer who makes the final decision and determines the conditions under which you are issued a work permit and allowed to live in the country.

This is why it is important to remember that obtaining a Letter of Approval does not guarantee you a work permit and entry into Canada. The final decision rests with the immigration officer at the point of entry to Canada. In some cases, if the immigration officer has a good reason, they may deny you entry at the border.

Work permits strictly regulate the conditions under which you are allowed to work in Canada. In particular, it may contain the following information:
  • The types of work you are allowed to do
  • The employers you are allowed to work with
  • Where you are allowed to work
  • How long you are allowed to work.

Getting a work permit does not guarantee that you will not be fired. Employers have every right to fire you if they decide they no longer need your services. In this case, you must either leave the country or find a new employer immediately and apply for a new work permit from scratch.

Work Permit extension
If your student, work or tourist visa is about to expire, and you want to continue to stay in Canada legally, you should be interested in renewing your visa first. Foreign nationals in Canada must apply in advance to IRCC to have their visa renewed. If this is the case, from the time they request an extension of status, and even after their previous visa has expired, that applicant still has legal grounds to stay in Canada until a decision is made.

Implied Status
Implied Status is a status, not a visa. This status does not exist in principle in the sense that it cannot be listed under "status". The implied status allows you to continue working, studying or staying in Canada legally as a tourist or visitor (depending on your original status). If IRCC approves the extension of your visa, you will receive a new authorization to stay in Canada and the waiting period will be considered lawful. You will not be breaking the law by working, studying or travelling in our country from the time you apply until you receive an answer.
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